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music production

original music

skeb style bun

surprise me

bun one

bun two

film and tv composition demo reel

'cheerful bloom' for NekoElla

'serien' for Izumi

'Hatter Shuffle' for MamoRandom

'tokitoki beat' for toki

'Invitation to Deadric City' for Kideath

'A Tender Wish' for Ossa Asatsu

'Delicate Drift' for GRivix

'dreamy mochi' for Lophina

'Mushy and Shroom's Walk' for FoxyShroomWitch

BGM Showcase for Meepachan

'Cozy May' for Saya the Memory Collector

"Where Our Light Can Reach" for Stellar Nevulae

"eggy breakfast" for CloiLou

March in time, please! [ BGM loop ]

Pond Pop 🫧 [ BGM Loop ]

Orange Pop 🍊 [ 20 minute BGM loop ]

mid-day message ☕ [ BGM Loop ]

umbrella time ☔ [ BGM Loop ]